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As the Zing Express continues to gather pace we find ourselves at one of the most exciting times for any organisation – recruitment. Our blog is intended to guide those who may be thinking of applying for this or other entry level positions.

We are offering the right candidate an exciting opportunity to begin work within an agency, we’re a team that wants our employees to progress, to learn and to have fun along the way! The lucky candidate will cut their teeth on projects involving innovative clients and amazing brands.

A career within an agency environment is rewarding, emotional, fun, at times challenging but always interesting. You will be committing to lifelong learning, adapting and innovating to ensure we stand out from our competition. With unemployment rates at the highest level in a generation it is crucial you impress and stand out from an ever increasing pool of talent. But there’s standing out for the right reasons and for the wrong ones.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help.


  • Know your stuff – this goes beyond reading the home page of the website, get to know the company, individuals, industries served and technologies/techniques used.
  • Demonstrate attention to detail –there really are no excuses for spelling mistakes and poor grammar in your application or curriculum vitae – read, check and if necessary ask someone else to check too.
  • Be enthusiastic – this goes a long way in impressing employers – a can do attitude is required for all roles within an agency, as is a willingness to learn – we don’t know it all so you definitely won’t!
  • Ask questions – we are researchers so your ability to extract information from us will be assessed.
  • Demonstrate that you have an aptitude for and interest in Research – why else would you want to work here?
  • Expect variety – this is one of the great benefits of agency work.
  • Enjoy the interview – it is your chance to shine, the employer should want this too and not all interviewers want to catch you out.

Don’t (and all these are based on previous real experiences!)

  • Fail to show – do not make excuses for missing an interview or delay because you haven’t prepared effectively – both will be viewed negatively by an employer.
  • We work in a professional but creative environment and have to adapt to our audiences, while it’s an interview not a fashion show you can still dress to demonstrate your own individuality.
  • Think the website is the only source of information about the job/company industry.
  • Come across like a party animal – Amsterdam and space cakes in the same sentence will be memorable but not necessarily for the right reasons.



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