Don’t mention the Olympics!

Ok, so who is up to speed on the legislation to stop ambush marketing during this year’s Olympic Games? Which of these phrases can you use in your marketing material this year?

• Grab yourself a bargain – Olympic sale now on!
• An Olympic feast not to be missed!
• Last chance to grab fantastic summer holiday offers in London 2012
• Bargains to be had during the Games 2012
• Supporting the Olympic Games
• Made in London 2012
• The Queens Head – Watch the Olympics live here

Well apparently they may all be considered as an infringing association i.e. suggesting to the public association between the London Olympics and a person, goods or services. There are defences but it’s woolly and it’s all about context. If I correctly understood Luisa Leone from @Hewitsons speaking at the recent #CIMSpring Conference – this applies to direct email campaigns as well as social media.

Below are a list of the main prohibited words (any 2 words from list A OR any word in list A with any word from list B is considered an infringement)

I have no idea how this act was passed, but I guess we only have ourselves to blame for being asleep in 2006. Given the official sponsors of the Olympics are only purported to be contributing 10% to the cost of the Games, with the remainder coming from the public – how is it that the UK economy, UK companies and UK public can’t gain any benefit from the presence of the Games in London?

So if you’re thinking of mentioning the Games in your impromptu emailer or spontaneously wishing the athletes luck for a race via your work twitter account then think twice. It seems fines are high and LOCOG are strict.

Check out LOCOG guidelines here

Now, does this blog contravene?…



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