New Year, new start

I prefer to consider myself “eccentric” rather than just plain mad, but over 20 years working in Customer Service and administration could make anyone a little bonkers. Fortunately the team at Zing have decided to take my penchant for out of the box thinking and innate urge to talk to anyone about anything and channel it. So here I am, the newest member of the team.

Now, I’m no expert in marketing but I’ve always had an interest in facts and figures (my hobbies include reading the small print on adverts…yes I know) and having spent a month here I’m settling in nicely and loving every minute. Let’s just hope the rest of the team feel the same – well no one’s locked me away in the cupboard yet!

I’ve been picking up the basics, proof reading reports, creating online surveys and exporting responses as well as getting stuck In to the admin work but  I can’t wait to continue learning new things, starting with helping to set up one of our “at show” survey areas.

I’ve only been in Norfolk for about 5 years having come up from London so I’m still adapting to the slower pace and lack of proper CO2 in the atmosphere, luckily the slow pace doesn’t extend to Zing where London Business Time is definitely the norm so no risk of homesickness here. After nearly 3 years with the local council what I really needed was a career that I could progress in (I reached 40 last birthday and had to have a stern word with myself about where I wanted to be) so when this opportunity came along to join a small, friendly and innovative company I was ready to jump at it and I couldn’t wait to meet the team. Mind you that might be easier said than done, with a client base that stretches nationally (and even expanding internationally) it’s hard to pin them all down in the office at the same time, but that’s the price you pay for excellence and judging by the clients they have they are certainly getting it right, so hey-ho and off we go eh! To paraphrase the Lion King “Oh, I just can’t wait to fit in!”

Now if I can only convince them to give me a project somewhere warm…

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